Pulsed Coolant Pump Operation

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JPs Pulsed Coolant Pump Operation

JAN Products

INTERVAL knob is the time between pulses.  This can be set from 3 secs to 2 minutes.

PULSE ON knob is time pump is on in seconds.  Set from 1 sec to 22 seconds

LED light is power indicator

Pulses can be turned off by turning PULSE ON knob counter clockwise to stop

There is no maintenence on this pump unless some solid object would jam impeller.  Simply remove screws on bottom and remove debris.

Top view showing controls

Bottom view cover removed


This is a centrifugal pump and is NOT submersible

Control knobs

1/8" NPT out

Control knobs

Spray nozzle mounts anywhere on machine with rare earth magnet

Hang pump on any pail or bucket
with poly carbonate hanging bracket

With Sump

Move fittings for mounting in any plane

Operating Instruction PDF