Pulsed Coolant Software

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JPs Pulsed Coolant Software

JAN Products
Henderson, NV 89015

Inserts code into your G-code program to pulse the machine coolant pump at intervals

Coolant is turned on and off by the control by inserting M08 And M09 at intervals based on the machine distance traveled and programmed feet rate.

List on right box is processed file. Note the M08 and M09 vs the left has been added

Settings can be for individual tools or entire program

Pulsing is never performed on canned cycles

Designed to work on HAAS or Fadal controls

Only work in X-Y plane

Screen Shot

No "misting" which has now been said to be hazardous.

Selected file

This shows run T3 only

Line by line modal values

Process one line at a time

File is saved as selected file name with M08 in front.  If multiple tools are processed, another M08 is added to file name.

"Start-Stop" technology saves energy as coolant is not running continually

To purchase - click here - 4.99
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