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Speed and Feeds

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Cutting Speed of Metals
Values for High Speed Cutters in Feet/Minute
Multiply x3 for Carbide

Aluminum                        All alloys                                           250 and up
Soft Brass                        Half hard                                            150-220
Hard Brass and bronze  Full hard                                             60-160
Cast Iron                          All                                                       60-100
Mild Steels                       1018, Free machining stainless      80-120
Tough Steels                   304 Stainless, Tool steels               40-80

Cutting speed (RPM) Calculator

Enter Cutting speed(FPM) and diameter
Cutting speed in feet per minute
Diameter of stock or cutter

Cutting Speed Calculator

This will calculate the spindle speed to use based on the cutting speed
of material and the diameter of the stock(on lathe) or cutter(on mill).

Some generics cutting speeds are given on the table. Refer to your supplier
or reference books like Machinery Handbook for a more complete list.

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