Pulsed Coolant Pump Description

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JPs Pulsed Coolant Pump

JAN Products
Henderson, NV 89015

Ideal for desktop machining and band saw

Coolant is on for only seconds

Eliminates the need for coolant guards and splash trays

Runs on 12VDC

Fully adjustable pulse on and time between pulses

No need for check valves and filters

Spray nozzle mounts anywhere on machine with magnet

See the Instruction and use page

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Complete system- Pump, tubing, mag base nozzle, 12v adaptor included.

This is a centrifugal pump and is NOT submersible

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Why buy this pump system?
The system is designed for metal cutting machines without coolant system.  Machines like band saws and desktop CNC are ideal.
What are the advantages?
Small volume of coolant is used, so coolant catch trays not necessary.  Low voltage operation. Micro controller operation. No misting or compressed air needed.

No hazardous misting

Pump shown used on band saw

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Shown mounted with included polycarbonate hanging bracket

Hanging bracket